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dreams of a lullaby

an icon and graphics journal by blueberry_ocean

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...to Komoriuta, an icon and graphics journal maintained by Dawn (carupico). Here you can find all of my icons, as well as some other graphics and resources for LJ if I ever make any. Feel free to use anything you take a fancy to, as long as you follow the rules. If you like the graphics here, please consider watching. Thank you very much, and enjoy your stay!

one; If you use anything from here, you must credit either komoriuta_icons or carupico (either one is fine). If you need help on crediting, take a look at this post.
two; Please comment if you take anything! It makes me feel appreciated and lets me know what kind of icons people like.
three; Do not edit any of my icons, unless it is specifically stated that they are bases. Textless icons are NOT bases.
four; Do not redistribute any of my icons or claim them as your own, even with credit. Same goes for the layout, including the profile header. If you want to share them with people, why don't you just link to this journal instead?
five; No direct linking.
six; And most importantly, enjoy!

Layout and profile header made by me, carupico, using images from Haibane Renmei. Layout template from premade_ljs. Icon resources can be found at this post.

You can view all of the awards I have recieved from various icontests here.

The list of affiliates can be found here. Also, you can reply to that post if you are interested in affiliating with komoriuta_icons.