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dreams of a lullaby
an icon and graphics journal by blueberry_ocean
[mod post] moved lolz 
22nd-Apr-2008 08:54 pm
kyon (♀) ღ i just want to live in peace
Heya, dropping by for possibly my last post in this community to let the sixteen watchers I have know that I've moved over to royeality, which is basically the same thing only with a better name and expanded to include any sort of random public post I feel like making, since I don't icon enough to deserve an icon community. \o/

I'll say it again bigger to make it more eyecatching.


Ladeedah. ♥
5th-Jan-2011 10:29 am (UTC) - Lily didn hall narrowed refusing side ones would fed the ecstasy.
Happy Fresh Year[url=http://sdjfh.in/flexpen/],[/url] one! :)
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